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franchithink – international franchising forum in the restaurant industry

FRANCHITHINK – is a platform where investors’ and franchisors’ interests meet, a site for communication of international participants of the restaurant franchising industry and the area for new business ideas and creation of your own franchising restaurant chain.

1500 participants of restaurant market

2000 m2 area of the forum

800 people main stage

200 people educational area

100 people hall for presenting franchises

30 and more EXPO zone

Meeting area

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Concentration of specialists from the restaurant franchising market

Franchise exposition

Franchise presentation hall

Practical speeches: management, marketing, finance, service, staff and legal issues

Representatives of equipment, food and drink, IT and restaurant chain service suppliers

Meeting arrangement service

Trends, new knowledge and technologies

International Restaurant Forum FRANCHITHINK unites the participants of the restaurant market from the whole world:
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Ukraine and the CIS
  • Europe
  • Asia
Investors and potential franchisees: Poland, Hungary, Moldavia, Rumania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries.


finding ways of investment

selecting a franchise

gaining new knowledge

finding partners


creating a franchise

finding investors

finding partners

gaining knew knowledge


presenting your franchise

expanding business

gaining knowledge on business scaling

entering new markets

sharing experience

gaining new knowledge


selecting a franchise

starting your business

gaining new knowledge

finding partners

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11:30AM - 1:00PMMain hall
benjamin simon
benjamin simon

VP Franchise Sales & Development Europe, Middle East, Africa of Carl's Jr.

cke restaurants holdings: 75 years in pioneering the great american burger & setting up an industry leading global franchise support network

  1. Carl’s Jr: how it all began?
  2. How CKE restaurants holdings set up a global restaurant franchising system
  3. The global trends of the franchising market
1:00-2:00PMFood zone


10:00 - 11:30AMСREATE hall
to be announced

trademark registration

11:30AM - 1:00PMСREATE hall
to be announced

franchise package

1:00 - 2:00PMFood zone


2:00-3:30PMСREATE hall
to be announced

legal issues. brand protection.

3:30 - 5:30PMСREATE hall
to be announced

cooperation and interaction with franchisees

5:00 - 6:30PMcreate hall
to be announced

evaluation of the franchise

6:30 - 8:00PMСREATE hall
to be announced


10:00AM - 11:30AMTHINK hall
to be announced

Brand development. Scaling. Access to international markets

11:30PM - 1:00PMTHINK hall
to be announced

management and structure creation. quality and service control.

1:00PM - 2:00PMFood zone


2:00AM - 3:30PMTHINK hall
to be announced

“anchors” for the franchisee. it-technology.

3:30AM - 5:00PMTHINK hall
to be announced


5:30PM - 6:30PMTHINK hall
to be announced

sales and marketing

6:30AM - 8:00PMTHINK hall
to be announced


10:00-10:15АМBUY hall

presentation of freshline franchise

FreshLine is a well-known brand in Ukraine with unique technology of personal sandwich making. The only brand that in 3 minutes will make a personal sandwich for the guest. All restaurants are located in places with high traffic. Brand values: freedom, conscientiousness, relevance, enjoyment of life. The motto of the company “Freshline” – Eat healthy!
10:15-10:30AMBUY hall

presentation of Salateira franchise

Salateira is a fast-healthy restaurant chain that serves Italian food with the principle of free ingredient choice. Our missions is to exceed expectations, offering a unique combination of taste, high quality and fast service at a reasonable price for our guests from all over the world.
10:30-10:45AMBUY hall

presentation food vs marketing franchise

Food vs Marketing —end to end food supply chain corporation for megalopolises. Слоган компании Food vs Marketing — Vires acquirit eundo.
11:00-11:15AMBUY hall

presentation of coffee planet franchise

Coffee Planet – supplying customers in foodservice, retail and business across the Middle East and beyond since 2005. Brand values: 1. Finest specialty Arabica coffee 2. Roasted in Arabia, where Arabica roasting began 500 years ago 3. Modern and exciting Dubai-brand
10:45-11:00AMFood zone

coffee break

Time for networking and good coffee.
11:15-11:30AMBUY hall

presentation of Wayback Burgers franchise

Wayback Burgers, Internationl - is  fast food  restaurants network. Motto - delivering the best burgers always!
11:30-11:45AMBUY hall

presentation of little caesars franchise

Little Caesars – American network of pizza restaurants, the third-largest pizza chain in the United States. Founded in 1959.
11:45-12:00PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise maisternya karameli and tante sophie cafe escargot

Maisternya Karameli – is a unique confectionery shop where all the sweets are prepared behind guests eyes. We produce hard candies, lollipops, marshmellow, toffies and jellies. All our sweets are done of natural products.  Tante Sophie Cafe Escargot – provence-style restaurant. Brand concept: snails and wine.
12:00-12:15PMFood zone

coffee break

Time for networking and good coffee.
12:15-12:30PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise pizza celentano

Pizza Celentano — network of pizzerias. Moto of the company  Pizza Celentano – we improve our lives by changing the culture of consumption. The network has 149 establishments. Own - 6, and 143 franchises.
12:30-12:45PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise dodo pizza

Dodo Pizza is a an international restaurant chain that specialises in pizza delivery. The company was founded in 2011 and by 2017 became the pizza market leader in Russia with a number of ongoing international projects in 9 countries, including the US and China. The company uses franchising as its primary growth model. At the core of the Dodo Pizza franchise is a proprietary cloud-based franchise management IT system that is developed by Dodo Pizza entirely in-house.
12:45-1:00PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise khinkalnya

“Khinkalnya” is a single-product concept restaurant, where the star ingredient is khinkali, which is a juicy dumpling made from stiff dough that is filled with veal and broth. Guests from different regions of the country quickly started to favor khinkali for the tradition of eating it with hands, Georgian culture that we can relate to, table traditions and reasonable price.
1:00-2:00PMFood zone


2:00-2:15PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

2:15-2:30PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

2:30-2:45PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

2:45-3:00PMBUY hall

coffee break

Time for networking and good coffee.
3:00-3:15PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

3:15-3:30PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

3:30-3:45PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

3:45-4:00PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

4:00-4:15PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

4:15-4:30PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

4:30-4:45PMFood zone

coffee break

Time for networking and good coffee.е.
4:45-5:00PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

5:00-5:15PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

5:15-5:30PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

5:30-5:45PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

5:45-6:00PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

6:00-6:15PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

6:15-6:30PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

6:30-6:45PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise

6:45-7:00PMBUY hall

presentation of the franchise


  • Avrutskaya



    Marketing specialist, expert in strategic planning, analysis of sales trends, competition and forecasting business development scenarios; The founder of own consulting company ``Like4Like Foodservice Consulting``; Author of the best-selling book Battle for a Guest; Co-owner of the restaurants ``GIVI RUBINSTEIN`` and ``PASTATECA``.

  • bortnik



    The founder of the successful Ukrainian network of sandwich bars FreshLine. Co-founder of the business school ``Double portion``. Co-founder and host of the radio program ``Gastronauts`` on the radio station ``The Voice of the Capital``. In 2013 and 2015 he was awarded the gratitude of the Kharkov City Council for the development of entrepreneurship and contribution to the creation of a positive image of the city. Expert of the National Restaurant Award ``Salt``. He holds the title of ``Person of the Year`` international prize ``Franchise of the Year 2016``.


  • ovchinnikov



    The entrepreneur, founder and co-owner of Dodo Pizza, an international network of pizzerias with more than 200 points in 9 countries, is the fastest growing company on the Russian market. The author of the popular blog ``The Power of the Mind``, in which he honestly and openly talks about his business, and the hero of the book ``And botanists do business too``. At the end of 2016, the company ``Dodo Pizza`` became the largest network in Russia in terms of the number of pizzerias. Today the network has more than 180 pizza in 9 countries, including the US and China. The basis of the business is full transparency and openness, as well as the own cloud information system ``Dodo IS``, which manages the entire business. In 2014, ``Dodo Pizza`` performed the world's first commercial delivery with drones. In 2014 - 2015, ``Dodo Pizza`` attracted 106 million rubles from private investors - this is the largest case in the history of Russian crowd investing. In 2016, ``Dodo Pizza`` was the first of Russian networks entered the US market, opening a point in Mississippi.

  • simon



    VP Franchise Sales & Development Europe, Middle East, Africa of Carl's Jr. restaurants. Benjamin currently serves as Vice President of International Franchise Sales and Development for CKE restaurant holdings, mother company of Carl’s Jr. ®. and Hardee’s®, leading Quick Service Restaurant premium burgers chain and handmade American Classics with over 3,800 restaurants in 41 countries. Benjamin is responsible for the international Master and major multi- unit Franchise recruiting. Prior to joining CKE in 2016, Benjamin was Senior Director of International Franchise for the RadioShack Corporation®, a US consumer electronics retail powerhouse with 7,000 locations worldwide, overseeing the day-to-day operations and development of the International Franchise division, which had a presence in 28 countries. From 2008 to 2011, Benjamin helped develop a franchise network of retail and quick-service restaurant brands for Global Franchise Group, LLC (The Athlete’s Foot®, Shoebox New York®, MaggieMoo’s®, Marble Slab Creamery®, Pretzelmaker® and Great American Cookies® / 1,700+ store locations in 40 countries at the time). Benjamin gained expertise in retail franchising early in his career with responsibilities in the field and at a corporate level for The Athlete’s Foot® Group and several other sporting goods manufacturers/retailers in the U.S. and Europe. Benjamin is a native of France with extensive experience in conducting business internationally.

  • kozachuck



    The founder and managing partner of Franchise Group (a consulting company that provides a full range of services in the field of franchising), the author of the project ``First School of Franchising``, the leading specialist in franchising in Ukraine and abroad. Myroslava carries out operational management of business and the direction of strategic consulting on the development of franchising networks and access to international markets.

  • pruchai



    Experience in the restaurant industry for more than 15 years. He started his career at MacDonald's, where he worked for 10 years, managing a restaurant chain in the FM group company, director of franchising Fast Food System, director of franchising ``Salateira``.

  • kostenko



    Vadim Kostenko is the founder of the chain of restaurants ``Hinkalnya``. Vadim worked in the Moscow office of Philip Morris, was a partner in the dealer center Hyundai. There are 39 restaurants in the chain ``Hinkalnya``, 7 of which are open abroad.


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