Network of sandwich bars FRESHLINE

FreshLine is a well-known brand in Ukraine with unique technology of personal sandwich making. The only brand that in 3 minutes will make a personal sandwich for the guest. All restaurants are located in places with high traffic.

Mission: FreshLine frees time and gives energy for active life.

Brand values: decency, mutual respect, effectiveness, self-development

The motto of the company “Freshline” – The choice is always there!

45 restaurants:

Own: 26
Franchises: 19

Country: Ukraine

A unique salad or a hot sandwich made with freshly baked bread and a free choice of toppings and vegetables



Internal fee: 8000$

Location requirements: 50 – 75 м2

Royalty: 4%

Payback period: 2,2 years

Monthly income: 1876$

Kiev, Odessa

Internal fee: 8000$

Location requirements: 50 – 75 м2

Royalty: 4%

Payback period: 1,3 years

Monthly income: 3467$


Internal fee: 8000$

Location requirements: 25 – 35 м2

Royalty: 4%

Payback period: 1,6 years

Monthly income: 1879$

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