Coffeesound – network of coffee shops

«Coffee Sound» is a special kind of coffee houses, where they brew great coffee, serve delicious desserts, substantial lunches (sandwiches, croissants) and give you an energy boost and inspiration for the whole day by prophecies on the bottom of a cup. Nowadays the chain consists of 20 coffee houses all around Belarus. It is the carefully designed franchising that provides such a rapid growth. The franchising allows you to open your own coffee house in a short span of time with minimal inputs and a short payout time. You can find a description of the partner’s offer on the website And if you send a request for the presentation, you will be given a detailed information about the coffee house franchising with a format suitable for your town.

Brand values:  

The distinctive feature of the coffee houses is coffee cup reading (prophecies on the bottom of a cup) — you are bound to feel the energy boost from the foretaste of new breakthroughs and experience. Every client of the “Coffee Sound” is a friend and a guest of the coffee house, who should be satisfied, wishing doubtlessly to come back. It is achieved thanks to:

  • creation a cozy atmosphere in each coffee house
  • attentive treatment of every guest
  • professional speed of service
  • a luscious music of the set format
  • a creative approach
  • a thought-out menu
  • a high quality of the suggested product


The key objectives of the brand:

  • youthfulness
  • vitality
  • openness
  • loyalty

The motto of the company Coffee Sound -Make everyday life special!


24 restaurants:

Own: 0

Franchise: 24

1 country:

The menu is represented by classic and modern coffee beverages, as well as delicious teas. The peculiarity of the menu is the designer of coffee, thanks to which every guest of the coffee house can make coffee of his dreams.


mini format "coffee sound to go''

"coffee sound" island

modul 6 м2

coffee house with seats 15-30 м2

coffee house with seats 30-100 м2

Space requirement: 3 м2

Internal fee: 2200$
Investment: 4300 $

Royalty: 5%

Payback period: from 6 months.

Monthly income: 500$

Space requirement: 6-15 м2

Internal fee: 2200$
Investment: от 6000 $

Royalty: 5%

Payback period: from 8 months.

Monthly income: 500$

Space requirement: 6 м2

Internal fee: 2200$
Investment: from 10000$

Royalty: 5%

Payback period: from 8 months.

Monthly income: 650$

Space requirement: 15-30 м2

Internal fee: 3000$
Investment: from 11000$

Royalty: 5%

Payback period: from 10 months.

Monthly income: 700$

Space requirement: 30-100 м2

Internal fee: till 45 м2 – 3500 $, till 100 м2 – 4500$, from 100 м2 – TBD
Investment: from 15000$

Royalty: 5%

Payback period: from 14 months.

Monthly income: 1200$

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Support of the project


(Business plan. Design project. Consulting on the selection and search of locations, evaluation of the prospects of the chosen place. Recipes for more than 20 coffee author’s drinks, seasonal menu, and constant updates. Organization of the opening day. Bonus System).

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