Dodo Pizza – international pizza delivery network

Dodo Pizza is a an international restaurant chain that specialises in pizza delivery. The company was founded in 2011 and by 2017 became the pizza market leader in Russia with a number of ongoing international projects in 9 countries, including the US and China. The company uses franchising as its primary growth model. At the core of the Dodo Pizza franchise is a proprietary cloud-based franchise management IT system that is developed by Dodo Pizza entirely in-house.

Brand values: openness and transparency, nothing is impossible, respect and support, opportunities, trust, creativity, team Spirit

220 restaurants:

Own: 11
Franchise: 209

9 countries:


Romania (Brasov, Bucharest)

Estonia (Tallinn)

Lithuania (Klaipeda, Vilnius)

Uzbekistan (Fergana)

Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)

Kazakhstan (several cities, including major ones)

China (Yantai, Hangzhou)

United States (Oxford)

Pizza, snacks, drinks


delivery and takeaway

Space requirements: 100-120 m2

Internal fee: 5 850 $
Investment: from 75 000 $

Royalty: 3.5%-5%

Payback period: 1,5-3 years

Monthly income: 40 000$

delivery + dine-in

Space requirements: 120-250 m2

Internal fee: 5 850 $
Investment: from 117 000 $

Royalty: 3.5%-5%

Payback period: 1,5-3 years

Monthly income: 75 000$

food court

Space requirements50-70 m2

Internal fee: 5 850 $
Investment: from  114 000 $

Royalty: 3.5%-5%

Payback period: 1,5-3 years

Monthly income: 30 000$

street pizza café

Space requirements50-70 m2

Internal fee: 5 850 $
Investment: from 114 000 $

Royalty: 3.5%-5%

Payback period: 1,5-3 years

Monthly income: 30 000$

offer for franchisee

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Contacts of suppliers


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Support of the project

Software and digital infrastructure

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