Friday Hostel — the most comfortable and cheerful hostel in Odessa

Friday hostel – bright space of 10 rooms for 50 guests with a game room, kitchen «behind the glass», living room with a cinema, reception bar and a cool courtyard in Odessa style.

Brand values: client-oriented approach, trust, quality and service in every detail, family values, innovativeness, effectiveness, responsibility.

The motto of Friday hostel – «We work to impress!»

2 hostels:

in management: 2


Hostel franchise, hostel designing


hostel of a hotel type

Area requirements:
from 340 m²

Entry fee: 7 000$
Necessary investments (reconstruction + equipment): 120 000$

Royalty: 4 % + additional services

Payback period: 2,5-3,5 years

Monthly income: from 9000$ (depending on the number of rooms)

franchisee packages

Franchising package


Staff training

Individual calculation of financial model


Marketing support

Launch team

Quality control and corporate sales department

Software for hostel management

Architectural design of the project

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