КИМС — dry cleaner’s chain

KIMS – during over 20 years of its history, KIMS has gone from a small dry-cleaner’s to a national operator of household services. We have gained a wealth of experience in this business, earned an excellent reputation and found reliable partners. Today we have our own national chain of domestic service companies in Kyiv and Odessa.
The main field of the company’s activities is a wide range of household services:

  • dry cleaning of all types of clothes
  • laundry
  • shoe repair
  • clothing repair
  • dry cleaning of pillows, carpets, domestic textile
  • fur polishing

KIMS franchise was sold to 7 (Dnipro, Cherkasy, Irpen, Lutsk, Rovno, Nikolaev, Brovary) cities of Ukraine and today 8 franchising dry-cleaners and 26 points operate under KIMS brand.

Brand values: we live to help you enjoy your life, without thinking about such trivia as stains and dirty clothes. We are always near when something goes wrong. Our aim is to understand, reassure the client and solve the problem, turning an unpleasant trouble with a piece of closing into a minor episode. We always say: «Let this stain be your biggest problem! Never mind! KIMS dry cleaner’s is there for you».

KIMS slogan – «Stains happen!»

60 establishments:
own: 50
in management: 10


Dry cleaning, clothes and footwear mending, laundry


dry cleaning

Area requirements:
from 70 m², capacity from 60 m²

Entry fee: 8000$
Necessary investment (reconstruction + equipment): from 150 000$

Royalty: from 300$

Payback period: 3 to 5 years

Monthly income: from 3000$

franchisee packages

Franchising package


Staff training

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Marketing support


Project monitoring


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