The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show is Europe’s first avocado restaurant, based in Amsterdam.
Brand values:  uniting avocado fans around the world with delicious food and fun products while remaing sustainable and socially responsible
The motto of The Avocado Show – «Pretty Healthy Food».

3 establishments:

Own: 2
Franchises: 1

2 countries:
Netherlands and Belgium

Avocado based dishes


format 1

Location requirements:

Metropolitan areas, Hip neighbourhoods

Internal fee: 35 000€
Investments: min 350 000€

Royalty: 6 %

format 2

Location requirements:

High traffic, shopping maill, travel hubs

Internal fee: 35 000€
Investments: min 200 000€

Royalty: 6 %

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Franchisee pack

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