Restaurant Mr. Grill Hotdogs & Burgers

Mr. Grill Hotdogs & Burgers company founded a tradition of making hotdogs with natural meat only. The concept is based on American hotdog culture. Casual hotdog bar represents a modern style of any metropolitan city. A good venue for a quick and quality snack with comfortable seating places, cosy atmosphere and service from the bottom of the heart.

Mr. Grill’s slogan is – «Only natural meat, only natural hotdogs».

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Mr. Grill team together with renowned chefs produced a range of hotdogs to different tastes as well as burgers and other dishes of local products.


format 1

Area requirements:
80 – 150 m²

Entry fee: 10 000$
Investments: 700$

Royalty: 5 %

Payback period: 18 months

Monthly income: 950 000₴

format 2

Area requirements:
up to 70 m² at the food court

Entry fee: 10 000$
Investments: 600$

Royalty: 5 %


Payback period: 15 months

Monthly income:950 000₴

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