Ribas Hotels Group — hotel managing company

Ribas Hotels Group is a Ukrainian hotel operator and a managing company of hotel and restaurant complexes, taking the leading position in Ukrainian market.
Brand values: client-oriented approach, trust, quality and service in every detail, family values, innovativeness, effectiveness, responsibility
The motto of Ribas Hotels Group – «We work to impress!»

25 hotels:

own: 2
in management: 23


Over 20 hotel objects operate under management of Ribas Hotels Group company



Area requirements:
from 1000 m²

Entry fee: upon agreement
Necessary investments (reconstruction + equipment):
from 350 $/m²

Royalty: 6 % of gross income

Payback period: from 16 months

Monthly income: from 20 000$ (depending on a region)

franchisee packages

Franchising package


Author’s supervision

Design solutions


Launch team

Choice of location

Project coordination

Managing company:

  • Marketing support
  • HR: staff hiring and training
  • Centralized sales
  • Corporate sales
  • Operational management
  • Quality control department

contact with a company representative: