Salateira – fast-healthy restaurants

Salateira is an international chain of healthy food restaurants with perfect combination of high quality, fast service, wonderful taste, large portions and free choice of ingredients for a reasonable price.

Brand values:

  1. Love what we do (We work putting our heart in what we do without noticing time).
  2. Exceed expectations (We pleasantly surprise our guests, suppliers, investors and employees by making more than it is expected from us).
  3. Care about everyone (We do our best to make each of our guests a little bit happier).
  4. Improvement (Every day we try to be a little better than yesterday. We seek to do more with less resource).
  5. Responsibility (We love our job and we are diligent in performance of our tasks).
  6.  Innovation and Creativity (We encourage innovative and creative approach to any task. We never rest on our laurels).
  7. Relationships built on trust (We build long-term relationships with guests, suppliers, investors and employees based on honesty, sincerity and frankness. We are friends at work and outside it. We act as a single creature).

Company slogan “Salateira” – Eat healthy!

14 establishments:

Own: 11
Franchises: 3

3 countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Spain

Product: juicy salads, original pastes, panini, real ravioli, desserts, drinks and cream soups


Fast-casual restaurant

Location requirements: 250-400 m2

Internal fee: $ 30 000 (the first restaurant), $ 20 000 (subsequent)

Investments: $ 250,000

Royalty: Ukraine – 3% and 1% of turnover (marketing payment), overseas markets: 4%

Payback period: 2-3 years

Monthly income: 7500$

Food court

Location requirements: 85-100 m2

Internal fee: $ 30 000 (the first restaurant), $ 20 000 (subsequent)

Investments: : $ 120,000

Royalty: Ukraine – 3% and 1% of turnover (marketing payment), overseas markets: 4%

Payback period: 1,5-3 years

Monthly income: 4000$

пакеты для франчайзи

Franchise package

Brand book


Supplier contacts


Marketing support


Support of the project


  • Торговая марка
  • Квалифицированная помощь в исследовании и оценке торговой зоны
  • Расчет инвестиционной модели и оценка эффективности
  • Оказание поддержки при подписании договора аренды
  • Архитектурное проектирование
  • Авторский надзор
  • Организация бизнес-процессов заведения
  • Оказание помощи по организации операционной деятельности
  • Персональный менеджер
  • Организация системы управленческого учета, консультационная поддержка по организации бухгалтерского учета
  • Организация системы подбора персонала
  • Передача технологий приготовления фирменных блюд
  • Оказание поддержки при открытии заведения
  • Разработка новых ассортиментных программ, сезонных и тематических меню
  • Поддержка Франчайзи течение действия договора

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