Simeyna Pekarnya – national Ukrainian bakery chain

Brand concept: bakery shop with fresh baked products and aromatic coffee.
The motto of «Simeyna Pekarnya» — «Homemade recipes for hot breads!»

The assortment of the bakery includes 3 following groups:
1. Standard products that we remember from the childhood: pirozhki (stuffed buns), vatrushki (pastry with quark), sausage rolls, etc.
2. Yeast and yeast-free breads baked following unique recipes.
3. Signature bakery products.

Brand values for customers:

  • fillings of natural products
  • reasonable prices from UAH 5
  • traditions passed on from generation to generation
  • time-tested recipes

Brand values for franchisees:

  • reliability (over 300 outlets in 50 cities of Ukraine)
  • own Ukrainian production
  • on the market since 2009
  •  short payback period
  • royalty-free
  •  guarantees
  •  working standards

56 establishments:
own: 3
franchises: 53


Bakery products: breads, filling and sweet bakery products


bakery cafe

Area requirements:

from 20 m²

Entry fee: 5000$
Investments: 18 000$

Royalty: 0 %

Payback period: 1,5 years

Monthly income: от 1000$

franchisee packages

Franchising package




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Own Ukrainian production

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