Varenichna Baluvana Galya – modern urban café chain

Varenichna Baluvana Galya — is a chain of modern
urban cafés, that offer dishes cooked solely of Ukrainian products following
enhanced national recipes. The service is simple and unobtrusive. Guests are
Friends here. The main objective is to give a hospitable greeting and a delicious
treat, and get Guests’ sincere smile in return.
So, who is Galia?
– Classical Ukrainian cuisine with a modern service
– Hand-made Vareniki (dumplings)
– Traditional and modern stuffings
– Modern Ukrainian urban café
– Nothing’s out-of-date
What we offer:
— Location assessment before the launch
— Staff training, including managers
— Café launch Team
— Monthly support in meeting standards of the kitchen, halls and management
— Monthly menu update
Motto of the Company Varenichna Baluvana Galya —Eat Ukrainian dish

9 cafes:

Own: 9

1 country:

National cuisine



Size requirements: 150 – 300 м2

Entry fee: 30 000$

Investments: 700 – 1000$/м2

Royalty: 2% – first 6 months, 4% — the whole next year

Payback period: 3 years

Monthly income: 5000 – 12 000$

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Franchisee pack

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